Ultimate Fingerboard Video Archive

Hi! First off, welcome to the Shmaplex! And secondly, we're glad you found this  one of a kind archive of some of the most inspiring and illustrious fingerboarding the world has ever experienced. This is meant to be a history lesson for the kidz and a moment to reflect for the older generation that lived through some of these moments. Either way, we hope you enjoy the content and if you have your own suggestions, please don't hesitate to hit us up at 



Without further ado, let's get started.


Ultimate BOARD of the Most Respected Fingerboarders in the History of all Time

I know this board is going to cause a lot of controversy, but as a sport a community, let's please all get along and make some decisions. This board is still a WIP and we'll be discussing this more during the Fingerboard Days on the live stream at https://twitch.tv/shmaplex. If you want to contribute, please join the stream or send us an email above with your suggestions.

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Timeline of Events

  • 1991 - First professional fingerboard created by Martin Ehrenberger (At the age of 17)
  • 1998 - TechDeck came onto the scene
  • 1999 - Blackriver Ramps started by Martin Ehrenberger
  • 2001 - Berlinwood founded by Timo Lieben
  • 2002 - Mike Schneider joins the fingerboard scene
  • 2003 - Mike Schneider makes his first wooden deck (using the Doublejointed TechDeck technique)
  • 2004 - Ingenuity Deck brand created by Danny Rodriguez


Check out the Wikipedia Fingerboarding article for more.


Year of 1985

The year fingerboarding goes mainstream (or the spark to the world) in the classic Bones Brigade Future Primitive video. In this video, Lance Mountain and Tony Hawk are riding a fingerboard in a sink on the floor. 

Year of 1999


Year of 2001

Doublejointed shared a 37 step guide of how to create a wooden deck.

Year of 2003

Year of 2018

In 2018, legendary pro skater Rick McCrank explored the world of fingerboarding.

Year of 2020

David Jones shows the world that hard tricks are possible in a nice little demo. I mean, folks were already doing hard tricks, but David explains it in a fun way, so it's worthy of a spot in the archive.

Year of 2021

Shredding on a tank! Just the creativity of tricks spread across the 3 minutes of  of this and locations in this video make it worthy of a spot in the archive.