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Yee Concrete

Yee - Alien Fingerboard Deck

Yee - Alien Fingerboard Deck

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Say hello to the Yee - Alien Fingerboard Deck – it's out of this world! This quirky alien friend of yours is not your typical extraterrestrial – this little guy loves to show off his insides, and yup, he's even got a cool way of relieving himself. But don't worry, it's all in good fun. Crafted with a touch of humor and a splash of sci-fi, this deck is part of Yee's new launch, proving that fingerboarding is an adventure for everyone. 


This deck comes in three (3) molds:
  • L = Low Kick Medium Concave
    • The L version offers a quick kickflip and flat trick style instead of high pop.
  • M1 = Medium Kick Low Concave
    • The M1 version is like a kimchi shape.
  • M2 = Medium Kick Medium Concave
    • The M2 version is highly recommended for those who are tired of the low cone deck.
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