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Spark + Raviollie Collaboration - Evil 핑거보드 데크

Spark + Raviollie Collaboration - Evil 핑거보드 데크

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Dive into the unconventional with the Spark + Raviollie "Evil" Fingerboard Deck. Available in various widths, including 33.5mm, and 34mm, and featuring both Low and High kick shapes, this deck invites you to explore the absurd side of fingerboarding.

Crafted with precision and imbued with Raviollie's unique spell for good luck, the "Evil" deck is your ticket to creative expression. It comes complete with grip tape for maximum control, allowing you to perform tricks with ease. You'll also receive a sticker pack featuring Raviollie's surreal graphics.

But there's more to discover. Each "Evil" deck includes a hand-illustrated and book written by Raviollie, adding a touch of magic to your fingerboarding adventures. Unleash your creativity and find joy in the unexpected.

Become a part of the community that embraces the absurd and celebrates creativity in all its forms. With the Spark + Raviollie "Evil" Fingerboard Deck, you'll not only elevate your fingerboarding skills but also embark on a journey filled with artistic inspiration. 

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