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Shmaplex Repair Service 🛠️

Shmaplex Repair Service 🛠️

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Is your fingerboard in need of some TLC? Enter the Shmaplex Repair Service – your one-stop solution for reviving your trusty deck, trucks, and wheels. 🛠️

Important Notes:

  • Decks: Unfortunately, cracked decks are beyond repair and must be replaced.
  • Wheels: Limited edition or hard-to-find wheels may be irreplaceable.
  • Trucks: If any truck parts are missing, we'll have to charge for the full truck cost.

Minor Repairs Included:

  • Missing bolts or screws
  • Stripped baseplates
  • Broken hangers
  • Wheels that don't spin
  • Replace grip tape

Elevate your fingerboarding experience with the Shmaplex Assembly Service! When you're all about that ready-to-ride life, our assembly service becomes your perfect sidekick. We take care of the nitty-gritty – mounting your trucks, dialing in wheel tightness, and giving your grip tape a clean, precision trim.

Opt for the Shmaplex Repair Service, and get ready to roll without the fuss! 🛹

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