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Dirty Fingerboards

Ill Pills x Shmaplex - Street Urethane ABEC 9 Wheels & NFT

Ill Pills x Shmaplex - Street Urethane ABEC 9 Wheels & NFT

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Step into the world of the Ill Pills x Shmaplex Collaboration, a.k.a. the "Leisure Gang." These wheels are more than just urethane; they're an emblem of style meeting whimsy. A fusion of creativity and leisure, each wheel boasts a distinctive design. Marvel at the quirky broken palm tree, a testament to resilience, with a gentle reminder that, yes, they can break. "Leisure" in a chic script playfully acknowledges the imperfections in life, alongside the classic "gang gang" declaration, the tipsy "shma" signature, and a mischievous stickman proudly exclaiming "you won" in Korean.

Crafted with precision and infused with personality, the Leisure Gang collection injects irreverence into your fingerboarding sessions. Take your ride to new heights with the Ill Pills x Shmaplex Collaboration, where every spin narrates a story.

Each pack comes with a limited edition Shmaplex vinyl and feel free to mix and match the wheels with your friends to add even more personality to your deck! 

You can learn more at

If you received a claim code with your wheels, you can claim your NFT here. If you're new to NFTs, see our Shmaplex Protocol User Guide.

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