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Shmaplex Flex Completes - Simple Shred (Limited to One)

Shmaplex Flex Completes - Simple Shred (Limited to One)

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Introducing the Simple Shred Flex Complete Fingerboard Set, a game-changer designed to amplify your fingerboarding vibe. Crafted exclusively for South Korea, this kit is your canvas for unleashing creativity and making your mark on the fingerboarding scene.

This complete kit includes the following:

1. Deck: Simple Bold Block Graphic - Popsicle Mild (32mm)
2. Griptape: FBS Extra Smooth (One Sheet)
3. Trucks: Blackriver Trucks 3.0 - Black Hangers / Silver Baseplate
4. Wheels: Blackriver Blank Street - Green

and... *stickers!

    We're excited to offer you the option of complimentary deck assembly before shipping. Simply let us know, and we'll ensure your set arrives fully prepared for action.

    Elevate your fingerboarding experience with a complete fingerboard set that blends precision, style, and performance. Order now and redefine your approach to fingerboarding!

    * Please note that the stickers included in the final package may vary. Stickers shown are for photo only.

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