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Shmaplex + December - Collab 핑거보드 데크 & NFT

Shmaplex + December - Collab 핑거보드 데크 & NFT

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Delve into the intricate symbolism of the demon and child in our collaboration with December decks. This evocative piece taps into the depths of the human psyche, illustrating the inner demons we all grapple with – those lurking shadows of desire and self-indulgence. The juxtaposition of the demon and child mirrors the internal struggle between the inclination to give during the holidays and the innate desire to receive. As the child represents innocence and the pure spirit of generosity, the hovering demon embodies our more self-centered desires. It's a visual narrative that challenges us to confront our inner complexities, urging us to embrace the spirit of giving even when faced with the allure of receiving. Explore the layers of meaning woven into this collaboration and discover a fingerboard deck that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to ponder the deeper facets of the holiday season.

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If you received a claim code with your deck, you can claim your NFT here. If you're new to NFTs, see our Shmaplex Protocol User Guide.

More about December 

December boards are handcrafted, technology-filled boards from the mind and hands of Joaquim Guigo-Méndez (@jojolapasta), long-time Blackriver ramps team rider.

Each of the December collab boards is finely sanded and rounded by hand, not cutting any corners, instead using technology and innovation to achieve the most consistent results. The December team creates their own tooling and come up with creative solutions to make every of the numerous steps of our fabrication process as efficient, precise, and reliable as possible.

Coming up with the perfect fingerboard shape is, of course, an ill-fated goal, as each person has different taste in the matter. Nonetheless, they created what they believe to be an extremely responsive board that will take your skills to the next level with a minimal time of adaptation.

S18 is the culmination of over 15 years of expert knowledge in fingerboarding. It features medium-high kick tails, a medium wheelbase, and medium concave.

December fingerboard decks are made with 5 maple plies, and shaped by hand.

The decks have been designed to be the best performer out there, and to help you bring your fingerboarding skills to the next level. They are finished with a high-quality water-based low-VOC lacquer.

December has invested hundreds of hours sketching, prototyping, testing and even building their own tools to bring you the highest quality product.

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