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Sausage Ramps

Sausage Ramps - BBQ 피크닉 테이블

Sausage Ramps - BBQ 피크닉 테이블

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Get ready to turn your fingerboarding sessions into epic BBQ parties with the Sausage Ramps BBQ Picnic Table. This absolute beast of a fingerboard obstacle is not just heavy; it's a game-changer in your fingerboarding experience.

Premium Steel Thrills: Made from top-quality steel, this picnic table is built to withstand even the most sizzling grinds and slides. Whether you're perfecting your fingerboarding skills or just having fun, this ramp adds a whole new dimension to your fingerboard park.

Comfortable Seating: The seat on this picnic table sits at a comfortable medium height, just like our classic benches. It's designed for both style and function, ensuring you're always in control during your fingerboarding sessions.

Built to Show Character: Over time, the paint on the edges of this BBQ picnic table will naturally wear away with your fingerboarding adventures, revealing the rugged and reliable material underneath. It's a testament to the countless tricks and grinds you'll master on this remarkable ramp.

Bring the sizzle of the grill and the thrill of fingerboarding together with the Sausage Ramps BBQ Picnic Table. Elevate your fingerboarding park, make it a centerpiece of your sessions, and create unforgettable memories with this exceptional obstacle.

Order yours today and get ready to shred like never before with Sausage Ramps!


  • no ringing
  • no wheel hangups
  • stable
  • hefty
  • satisfying sound
  • ideal proportions
  • solid steel bench seat
  • mdf legs and supports
  • using strongest glue available


  • 9” length (2.5 fingerboards)
  • 6” top width (1.5 fingerboards)
  • 2” seat height (half a deck)
  • 3” top height (3/4 of a deck)
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