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Sausage Ramps

Sausage Ramps - BBQ 벤치

Sausage Ramps - BBQ 벤치

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Get ready to sizzle with the Sausage Ramps BBQ Bench, the ultimate spot for unleashing your fingerboarding skills and adding some flavor to your sessions.

Spice Up Your Fingerboarding: Crafted from top-quality materials, this BBQ Bench is designed to withstand intense fingerboarding action. Whether you're perfecting your tricks or simply cruising along, this bench adds a spicy twist to your fingerboarding experience.

Addictively Perfect Height: The BBQ Bench hits the sweet spot with its seating height, keeping you addicted to those sizzling grinds. It's the ideal balance of comfort and challenge, making it a must-have for every fingerboarding enthusiast.

Flavorful Patina: As you embark on countless sessions, watch as the steel top of this bench develops a unique patina. It tells the story of your fingerboarding journey and the countless hours of dedication you've poured into honing your skills.

Sturdy and Stylish: Not only does this bench perform like a champ, but it also looks great in any fingerboarding park. Its sleek design and robust build make it a standout feature that's as durable as it is stylish.

Elevate your fingerboarding game, add some spice to your sessions, and make the Sausage Ramps BBQ Bench the star of your park. It's time to experience fingerboarding with a flavorful twist!

Order your Sausage Ramps BBQ Bench today and discover the sizzling grinds that await you in the world of fingerboarding.


  • no ringing
  • no wheel hangups
  • stable
  • hefty
  • satisfying sound
  • ideal proportions
  • solid steel bench seat
  • mdf legs and supports
  • using strongest glue available

  • 9” length (2.5 fingerboards)
  • 1.5” top width (space between ur trucks)
  • 2” base width (just over half a deck)
  • 2” height (just over half a deck)
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