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Rhino Racing

Rhino Racing Shark Suspension Mount Set

Rhino Racing Shark Suspension Mount Set

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Introducing the Rhino Racing Shark Suspension Block Set, designed to provide the necessary pickup points for your rear suspension system. This set allows you to configure your RC vehicle with either an active or non-active toe setup on the rear uprights, giving you enhanced control and tuning options.

The set includes two front suspension mounts and two rear suspension mounts, which are essential components for achieving the desired toe setup on your rear suspension. These precision-engineered blocks are designed to securely attach to the chassis and provide the necessary mounting points for your suspension system.

To complete the setup, it is recommended to use the Rhino Racing Shark H Brace for a static configuration, ensuring optimal stability and rigidity.

With the Rhino Racing Shark Suspension Block Set, you can fine-tune your rear suspension to suit various track conditions and driving preferences. Whether you're looking to optimize cornering performance, enhance stability, or improve overall handling, this set provides the flexibility and adjustability you need.

Upgrade your RC vehicle's rear suspension system with the Rhino Racing Shark Suspension Block Set. Unlock the potential for improved handling, control, and customization, and take your driving experience to the next level.

* Actual Shark chassis is sold separately

In the bag

  • 2 x Front Suspension Mounts
  • 2 x Rear Suspension Mounts
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