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Rhino Racing

Rhino Racing Rear H-Arm Adapter Set

Rhino Racing Rear H-Arm Adapter Set

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Introducing the Rhino Racing Rear H-Arm Adapter Set, a versatile upgrade that allows you to transform your lower arm into a static setup. Designed for the SHARK series, this adapter set offers increased customization options for your RC vehicle.

With the Rear H-Arm Adapter Set, you have the ability to convert the lower arm into a traditional-style lower arm, providing a static setup for improved stability and control. This transformation allows you to fine-tune your suspension to suit your driving preferences and track conditions, giving you the edge on the racecourse.

Available in three vibrant colors - red, purple, and black - the Rear H-Arm Adapter Set not only enhances the performance of your RC vehicle but also adds a touch of style. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, Rhino Racing ensures that this adapter set meets the highest standards of quality.

Upgrade your SHARK series RC vehicle with the Rhino Racing Rear H-Arm Adapter Set and experience the benefits of a static setup. Enjoy enhanced stability, improved control, and the freedom to optimize your suspension system according to your driving style.

Please note that the Rear H-Arm Adapter Set is available in red (RR-1600R), purple (RR-1600P), and black (RR-1600B) color options. Take your RC vehicle to the next level with this exceptional upgrade from Rhino Racing.

* Actual Shark chassis is sold separately

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