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Carbon Fiber Mount Body Brace for Yokomo YD2 / MST RMX (864100)

Carbon Fiber Mount Body Brace for Yokomo YD2 / MST RMX (864100)

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Introducing the Rhino Racing Carbon Fiber Mount Body Brace, specifically designed for the Yokomo YD-2 and MST RMX. Upgrade your car's performance with this high-quality accessory that takes your driving experience to the next level.

Key Features

  1. Enhanced Body Mounting System: Strengthen your vehicle's body mounting system with our Carbon Fiber Mount Body Brace. This brace offers superior stability and durability, ensuring your car's body stays securely in place during intense races.

  2. Twist Prevention: Say goodbye to twisted magnets with our Carbon Fiber Body Brace. It effectively prevents magnets from twisting, ensuring consistent and reliable performance, so you can focus on conquering the tracks without any worries.

For the best results, we highly recommend pairing our Carbon Fiber Mount Body Brace with our Gorilla Mounts. Together, they form an unbeatable combination that will enhance your R/C car's overall performance.

Upgrade your 1/10 R/C car today with this essential accessory. Each package includes 1 Carbon Fiber Body Brace, meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Take your R/C car to new heights of performance and durability with our Carbon Fiber Mount Body Brace. Drive with confidence, knowing your car is equipped with the finest components for unmatched on-road and off-road adventures.

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