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Reve D

Reve D RDX RWD Drift Car Kit

Reve D RDX RWD Drift Car Kit

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This is Rêve D's first original RWD drift car kit, titled the "RDX"!

The Rêve D development staff put all their effort into developing the RDX, which can be used in a variety of situations, from low-grip surfaces such as his P-tiles and colored contact lenses, which are currently mainstream, to relatively high-grip surfaces such as carpet and asphalt. It is a lightweight and highly rigid resin chassis kit that pursues a running that matches the current drift scene, as well as being easy to assemble and difficult to break.

By fixing the length of the arms and tie rods, even users who are building RC cars for the first time can completely reproduce the optimal suspension alignment for drift driving by simply assembling according to the instruction manual without making difficult adjustments.

The battery can be equipped with short batteries (horizontal / vertical / thin / thick) and almost all long batteries currently on sale.

Chassis performance that thoroughly pursues traction performance and maneuverability allows you to enjoy stable drift driving for a wide range of drivers from top drivers to Sunday drivers as a standard machine for the new era.

You can find a handy builder's guide over at Nez0's Bad Shoppe (see video below).

To learn more, see their official website at Team Reved .

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