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Yokomo RD RTR Drift Car - Shmaplex Ultimate Drift Performance Setup for Beginners

Yokomo RD RTR Drift Car - Shmaplex Ultimate Drift Performance Setup for Beginners

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Elevate your RC drifting to the next level with the Shmaplex Custom RC Drift Kit, carefully assembled to provide an exhilarating driving experience for both beginners and seasoned racers. This kit combines high-performance components with precise engineering, ensuring every drift is smooth and every turn is sharp.

Key Features:

  • Yokomo RD 1.0 Rookie Drift RWD Chassis: This base offers a supple and road-adaptive resin main chassis with a closed gearbox designed specifically for street drifting. It's equipped with a 3-gear transmission optimized for weight balance and reducing understeer, enhancing your drifting capabilities.

  • Accuvance FLEDGE (Red) 10.5T Motor with Fan: Known for its high torque and excellent thermal performance, this motor ensures your drift car remains cool under competitive conditions, maintaining efficiency and power.

  • High-Performance Tires and Wheels: Outfitted with Valino Pergea 08RS 26mm tires known for their grip and durability, paired with stylish, high-performance wheels from the WELD Overdose range, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional traction.

  • Advanced Steering Control: Includes a V4 DP-302 Drift Steering Gyro by Yokomo, enhancing steering response and stability, allowing for precise control during intense drifts.

  • Futaba R404SBS Receiver: A high-end receiver ensuring seamless communication and top-notch response rates, crucial for maintaining control at high speeds.


  • Chassis Length: 425mm
  • Width: 198mm
  • Wheelbase: 256mm
  • Weight: Approximately 1500g

Designed for customization and upgrades, the Shmaplex Custom RC Drift Kit not only provides a solid foundation for those entering the sport but also meets the demands of experienced drifters looking to tweak their setups.

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