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Reve D RDX RTR Drift Car - Shmaplex Elite Setup for Beginners

Reve D RDX RTR Drift Car - Shmaplex Elite Setup for Beginners

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Step into the world of RC drifting with the ReveD Drift Car, tailored for enthusiasts and beginners alike who demand quality and performance. This model includes state-of-the-art components from Accuvance and Futaba, ensuring a top-tier drifting experience with enhanced control and responsiveness.

Product Features:

  • Accuvance FLEDGE 15.5T Motor with Cooling Fan: This high-torque brushless motor is designed for optimal performance, featuring forced air cooling to maintain efficiency and performance under racing conditions. The compact design contributes to a lower center of gravity, enhancing your drift stability.

  • Accuvance XARVIS XX ESC (Electronic Speed Controller): The latest in ESC technology, offering unprecedented throttle smoothness and accuracy in control, coupled with a high-efficiency cooling system. It's tuned to deliver responsive power adjustments, essential for precision drifting.

  • Futaba GYD550 Gyro: Advanced gyroscopic sensor designed specifically for RC drifting, helping to stabilize the car during drifts and improve handling. It allows for adjustments on-the-fly, ensuring that even beginners can handle challenging courses.

  • ReveD RDX Chassis: A lightweight, highly adjustable chassis that is both durable and designed to perform. Its configuration allows for easy modifications and tuning.

  • Valino Tires x Overdose Collaboration: High-grip tires that provide excellent traction and wear resistance, making them ideal for competitive drifting.

  • R-Spec WORK VS-KF Wheels: These stylish wheels not only look great but also offer the structural integrity required for serious drifting. Their design complements the overall aesthetics and performance of the drift car.


  • Chassis: ReveD RDX
  • Motor: Accuvance FLEDGE 15.5T with Cooling Fan, Black
  • ESC: Accuvance XARVIS XX, Black
  • Gyro: Futaba GYD550 Drift Gyro
  • Tires: Valino x Overdose 30mm
  • Wheels: R-Spec WORK VS-KF 30mm, Black
  • Battery Compatibility: Standard 7.4V LiPo (not included)
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