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Reve D

Reve D RDX Carbon Servo Rod (D1-203CR)

Reve D RDX Carbon Servo Rod (D1-203CR)

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Introducing the Reve D RDX Carbon Servo Rod, a crucial component for those looking to relocate the servo from the front side to the rear of the chassis. By moving the servo to the rear, you can effectively shift the weight distribution of the car towards the back, resulting in increased rear traction and improved overall performance.

Crafted from lightweight and highly rigid carbon, this servo rod ensures optimal power transmission from the servo to the bell crank. Its exceptional rigidity guarantees precise and responsive servo control, allowing for enhanced handling on the track.

Adding a touch of luxury, the carbon servo rod is equipped with SE (shiny edge) processed aluminum screws at both ends, further enhancing its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Upgrade your machine and experience the benefits of the Reve D RDX Carbon Servo Rod. Change the servo mounting position, enhance rear traction, and unlock the full potential of your chassis. Elevate your driving experience with Reve D quality and performance.

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