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Reve D

Reve D Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier Set for RWD Drift - SE Processing Set (RD-012S)

Reve D Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier Set for RWD Drift - SE Processing Set (RD-012S)

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Introducing the all-new Reve D Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier with SE (shiny edge) specification, a popular choice among RC enthusiasts seeking superior performance and stylish aesthetics.

This upgraded rear hub carrier offers two outer suspension pin positions, providing you with the flexibility to adjust the roll center position and instantly fine-tune your setup according to the rear weight of your machine. Whether you're dealing with a lightweight rear or a heavy setup, this hub carrier allows for precise adjustments to optimize your car's performance on the track.

The boldly hollowed-out hub carrier body strikes the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility. This innovative design not only enhances traction performance but also maintains the highest level of performance and durability. In addition to its impressive functionality, the SE specification adds a touch of luxury to its appearance, making your RC car stand out from the crowd.

The Reve D Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier opens up a world of possibilities for improved rear traction and overall ownership experience. By offering two outer suspension pin positions, you have the ability to lower the roll center in the upper hole, promoting increased roll and lateral grip on machines with low rear weight. Conversely, raising the roll center in the lower hole helps suppress excessive roll on machines with heavy rear weight. Please note that depending on the wheel shape, the lower suspension arm may touch, requiring slight adjustments by lightly sanding the interfering part.

The hub carrier body features an innovative grooved design that strategically balances rigidity and suppleness, resulting in a significant improvement in traction and overall performance. Furthermore, the two-piece structure of the upper arm mounting plate allows for even further fine-tuning of the roll center and paves the way for future optional development parts, promising exciting prospects for customization.

Upgrade your RC car with the Reve D Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier and experience improved rear traction like never before. Embrace the versatility and precision offered by this high-quality aluminum upgrade, and unleash the full potential of your machine on the track.

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