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Reve D

Reve D Absolute 1 RWD Drift Motor - 10.5T./ 13.5T - Pre-order

Reve D Absolute 1 RWD Drift Motor - 10.5T./ 13.5T - Pre-order

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Please note that this is an exclusive pre-order opportunity due to the limited supply of these sought-after products. We understand your enthusiasm and assure you that we are diligently working to expedite the delivery process, ensuring that you receive your orders in a timely manner.

Introducing the Reve D Absolute 1 RWD Drift Motor, the pinnacle of motor technology designed specifically for the demanding throttle control required in drift racing. This brushless motor is the result of extensive development and input from our multiple world champion driver.

Experience the perfect balance of sharp revving and high torque throughout the RPM range, allowing you to enjoy exceptional performance on a variety of surfaces such as P-Tile, carpet, and asphalt.

The full aluminum can of the motor features chamfered edges and laser engraving, giving it a sleek and stylish appearance. The can is intelligently designed with various holes around the stator to ensure excellent cooling performance and effectively suppress heat sag, ensuring consistent performance even under demanding conditions.

The Reve D Absolute 1 RWD Drift Motor is available in two variants:

  • RM-105: ABSOLUTE 1 Motor for Drift 10.5T
  • RM-135: ABSOLUTE 1 Motor for Drift 13.5T

With a voltage range of 3.7V to 8.4V, the motor delivers impressive performance. The 10.5T variant reaches a maximum RPM of 29,963, while the 13.5T variant achieves 22,285 RPM. The KV rating is 3,567 for the 10.5T and 2,653 for the 13.5T. The rotor measures Φ12.2 × Φ7.25.

Upgrade your drift car with the Reve D Absolute 1 RWD Drift Motor and experience unparalleled performance and precision. With its exceptional power and sleek design, this motor is a must-have for any serious drift racer. Push your skills to the limit and dominate the competition with Reve D.

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