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Reflex Mini Micro Zip Ties Ultra Thin Zip Ties - 50pk

Reflex Mini Micro Zip Ties Ultra Thin Zip Ties - 50pk

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Introducing the Reflex Mini Micro Zip Ties - 50pk, the ultimate solution for achieving a neat and polished finish in your RC builds. This pack contains 50 custom-made micro zip ties that are specifically designed to provide a super thin profile.

With the Reflex Mini Micro Zip Ties, you can elevate your RC build to new heights. These ultra-thin zip ties offer a sleek and clean appearance, ensuring that every detail of your project looks sharp and well-maintained. Not only do they contribute to the aesthetics, but they also help in reducing unnecessary weight.

Whether you're securing cables, organizing components, or tidying up your setup, these micro zip ties are the perfect choice. Their compact size and lightweight design make them versatile and convenient for various applications.

Take pride in your RC build and enjoy the benefits of the Reflex Mini Micro Zip Ties. Achieve a professional and tidy look while saving weight, ensuring your project stands out from the rest. With this pack of 50 custom-made micro zip ties, you'll have everything you need to keep your RC build looking sharp and well-groomed.


  • Pack of 50 custom made micro zip ties
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