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Reflex LED Light Kit For 1/10 RC Car - 12 LED Kit

Reflex LED Light Kit For 1/10 RC Car - 12 LED Kit

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Enhance the visual appeal of your 1/10 RC car with the Reflex LED Light Kit. Specifically designed for 1/10 drift cars, this kit features a tailored wiring system and the correct lengths of wire to ensure easy installation and a clean look. Unlike other brands, the Reflex LED Light Kit utilizes a simplistic wiring layout, with just one wire throughout the car instead of individual wires per bulb, making the installation process more streamlined.

The kit includes 6 red 5mm LEDs, 4 white headlights of your choice for a customizable look, 2 amber 5mm LEDs, and an extension cable for the receiver, allowing for easy disconnect. Whether you're looking to add a touch of vintage charm or a modern aesthetic, the Reflex LED Light Kit offers different colored kits for the headlights, ensuring the perfect match for your style.

Upgrade your RC car's lighting system with this intelligently designed and easy-to-install LED light kit from Reflex. Illuminate the track and turn heads with the vibrant glow of these high-quality LEDs.

* headlights are offered in different colored kits, so if you have a vintage build, you can select the VINTAGE version of the Reflex Kit so the WHITE LED's will have a vintage look to them, etc.


  • 6 x 5mm Red LEDs
  • 4 x 5mm Headlight (White of your choice) LEDs
  • 2 x 5mm Amber LEDs
  • 1 x Extension Cable (for receiver, easy disconnect)
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