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Power HD

Power HD D15 Low-Profile Servo

Power HD D15 Low-Profile Servo

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Introducing the Power HD D15 Low-Profile Servo, a powerful and versatile servo designed to deliver outstanding performance and precision control. Available now at Shmaplex, this servo is perfect for RC enthusiasts seeking reliability and high torque capability.

The Power HD D15 servo offers impressive torque across multiple voltage ranges. At 6.0 volts, it delivers a robust torque of 13.5 kg-cm (187.5 oz/in). When powered at 7.4 volts, it provides even greater torque, reaching 16.5 kg-cm (229.1 oz/in). For those seeking maximum torque, the servo can be powered at 8.4 volts, achieving an incredible 18.0 kg-cm (250.0 oz/in). This exceptional torque output ensures the servo can handle demanding tasks with ease.

In addition to its impressive torque, the Power HD D15 servo delivers remarkable speed. At 6.0 volts, it operates at a speed of 0.10 seconds, ensuring quick and responsive movements. When powered at 7.4 volts, it achieves a slightly faster speed of 0.095 seconds. For those looking for even faster response times, at 8.4 volts, it reaches an impressive speed of 0.085 seconds. This swift response enables precise and accurate control over your RC vehicle.

The servo is compatible with an operating voltage range of 6.0 to 8.4 DC volts, offering versatility and flexibility for various applications. Whether you choose to power it with a 6.0V, 7.4V, or 8.4V power source, this servo will perform optimally, providing consistent power and responsiveness.

Weighing in at 55.0 grams (1.94 oz), the Power HD D15 servo maintains a lightweight profile without compromising its impressive performance. This lightweight design helps optimize the overall weight distribution and agility of your RC vehicle, enhancing its maneuverability.

The servo features ball bearings, ensuring smooth and precise operation. The use of ball bearings reduces friction, allowing for efficient power transmission and extending the servo's lifespan. With the Power HD D15 servo, you can expect smooth and reliable performance even under high loads and challenging conditions.

Equipped with a coreless motor, the Power HD D15 servo offers enhanced efficiency and responsiveness. The coreless motor eliminates the iron core, reducing inertia and improving acceleration. This makes the servo ideal for demanding applications where quick and precise movements are required.

The gear set of the Power HD D15 servo is crafted from titanium and steel, guaranteeing exceptional durability and resilience. This combination of materials ensures smooth and reliable performance, even under high loads and intense usage.

The Power HD D15 servo operates flawlessly within a temperature range of -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F), providing reliable operation in various weather conditions. No matter if you're driving in scorching heat or freezing cold, the Power HD D15 servo will perform consistently and reliably.

With a working frequency of 1520μs / 333hz, this servo delivers quick and accurate signal response, ensuring precise control over your RC vehicle. It responds promptly to your commands, translating into smoother and more precise maneuvers on the track.

Measuring at 41.0 x 20.0 x 26.3 mm (1.61 x 0.79 x 1.04 in), the Power HD D15 servo features a low-profile design. This design allows for a neat and clean installation, as the wire exits the servo case from the opposite side to usual. The reverse wire layout contributes to a more organized and tidy setup, minimizing the risk of wire damage during crashes and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your RC vehicle.

In summary, the Power HD D15 Low-Profile Servo is a high-performance servo that offers exceptional torque, impressive speed, and reliable operation. With its lightweight design, durable construction, and innovative features, this servo is a must-have for RC enthusiasts looking for precise control and reliable performance in their vehicles.

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  • Torque (6.0V): 13.5 kg-cm ( 187.5 oz/in)
  • Torque (7.4V): 16.5 kg-cm ( 229.1 oz/in)
  • Torque (8.4V): 18.0 kg-cm ( 250.0 oz/in)
  • Speed: 0.10 sec (6.0V) │ 0.095 sec (7.4V) │
  • Speed: 0.085sec (8.4V)
  • Operating Voltage:6.0 ~ 8.4 DC Volts
  • Weight: 55.0 g (1.94 oz)
  • Bearing Type:Ball Bearing x 2
  • Motor Type:Coreless Motor
  • Gear Type:Titanium & Steel
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃~60℃
  • Working frequency:1520μs / 333hz
  • Size:41.0 x 20.0 x 26.3 mm ( 1.61 x 0.79 x 1.04 in)
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