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Oak Wheels

Oak Wheels - Celebration 12

Oak Wheels - Celebration 12

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Join the celebration of fingerboarding with Oak Wheels' special edition Celebration 12 RV2V White/Banana wheels - created in honor of the owner's boy, Vasco! These limited batch wheels are truly one-of-a-kind and represent some of the most special creations ever crafted by Oak Wheels.

Embrace the spirit of fingerboarding with Oak Wheels Celebration 12 RV2V White/Banana wheels, a unique and joyous addition to your setup. Be a part of the celebration and experience the magic of these limited edition wheels, designed to elevate your fingerboarding experience to new levels of excitement and fun!

Oak Wheel Style Overview

Rv2 generation: The natural evolution of Rv Oak Wheels. With one single bearing, they have exactly the same diameter and hardness from their previous version but with an improved shape and wider for stability on landings and some extra weight under your setup to improve inertia on air and rotation tricks.

RV2V generation: The conic version of Rv2 Oak Wheels. These wheels feature a single bearing, maintaining the same diameter and hardness as the Rv2 version, but now with an improved V shape. Wider and heavier, these wheels offer enhanced inertia, stability, and help you lock into those grinds like never before.

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