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Livingwood x Raviollie - 핑거보드 "Bliss" 데크

Livingwood x Raviollie - 핑거보드 "Bliss" 데크

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"Fingerboard Bliss” exclusive ultra limited release brings together the art and passion of Ravioliie and LivingWood, merging their expertise to craft a truly unique product.
Crafted with devotion and humor, each deck is a canvas for expression, inviting you to explore the boundless possibilities of this miniature skate culture.
Unleashed exclusively for the Dutch Fingerboard Open 2024.
May the fingerboard force be with you!
Raviollie/LivingWood fingerboards are crafted from a mysterious blend of materials that makes them feel like they're alive. They have a mind of their own, reacting to every flick and spin with a life-like energy that could only come from a product made with true passion.

Get ready to embark on playful adventures with Raviollie and unlock a world of creativity with this one-of-a-kind fingerboard experience!

  • 32mm/34mm X 98mm
  • DeLuxe Pack
  • Italian Maple, Olive, Elm Burl
  • Worldwide shipping in 5 Working Days
  • 5 Ply
  • Medium shape
  • Laser print
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Ultra-Limited Series
  • Blessed by the fingerboarding Spirit
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