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Ledge Gloss Wax Supply

Ledge Gloss 왁스 (Wax)

Ledge Gloss 왁스 (Wax)

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Introducing the Ledge Gloss Wax by Ledge Gloss Wax Supply – your secret weapon for taking your fingerboarding grind to the next level. Crafted with precision and designed exclusively for fingerboards, this wax is your ticket to smoother, more controlled rides.


  • Compact Lipstick-Size Container: Small in size but mighty in impact, the Ledge Gloss Wax comes in a convenient, compact container that fits right in your pocket. No more lugging around bulky wax – just grab your Ledge Gloss and go.

  • Tailored for Fingerboards: Engineered with fingerboarding in mind, our wax formula is optimized for maximum performance on rails and ledges. Expect buttery-smooth slides and enhanced control that'll make your tricks shine.

  • Elevate Your Grind: Whether you're tackling rails or mastering ledges, our Ledge Gloss Wax ensures you'll experience a new level of precision and satisfaction. Feel the difference with every slide and grind.

Don't let friction slow you down. Elevate your fingerboarding experience with the Ledge Gloss Wax – your go-to companion for perfecting those grinds. Get ready to ride smoother, slide longer, and conquer new challenges. Grab your compact Ledge Gloss Wax container and transform your fingerboarding game today!

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