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Zonawood Fingerboards

The Original Kick Demon

The Original Kick Demon

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"The Original Kick Demon is a miniature version of the popular skate accessory, the Tail Devil™.

Add it to the tail of your fingerboard with the installed adhesive or screws for a sparking good time!"

The Original Kick Demon is an accessory for your fingerboard. It attaches to the tail of your board and when scraped on the ground (asphalt, concrete, etc.) it creates sparks.

You can decide whether or not you'd like to add screws. The adhesive is VERY strong and will hold on to the Kick Demon. That being said, this product MAY damage "real-wear" graphics.

The Kick Demon is a 3D printed accessory with embedded flint rods that will wear out overtime when used as intended.

In the bag

• ONE Kick Demon
• TWO screws (Optional)
• Installation Instruction Card

Have fun and be safe!

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