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Gorilla Mounts – Premium Stealth Mount Kit for 1/10 RC Car

Gorilla Mounts – Premium Stealth Mount Kit for 1/10 RC Car

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The Gorilla Mounts Premium Stealth Mount Kit is the ultimate solution for achieving a sleek and clean look on your 1/10 RC car. With a range of innovative features, this mount kit ensures optimal performance and effortless installation.

Say goodbye to bulky body posts with the body post deletion feature of this kit. It provides a streamlined appearance that enhances the overall aesthetics of your RC car. The high strength neodymium magnets offer exceptional holding power, keeping your body securely in place even during intense racing or off-road adventures.

The simple design of the Gorilla Mounts allows for easy installation and adjustment. Its multi-angle design accommodates different hood shapes, ensuring a perfect fit. Whether you prefer to use a spacer or adjust the set screw, this mount kit offers flexibility and convenience.

Unrivaled in their holding power, the Gorilla Mounts are known for being the best mounts on the market. Each kit includes two front mounts, two rear mounts, spacers, set screws, flat top screws, and neodymium magnets, providing you with everything you need for a complete installation.

Upgrade your RC car with the Gorilla Mounts Premium Stealth Mount Kit and enjoy a flawless combination of style, strength, and ease of use. Elevate your RC experience to new heights with this top-quality mount kit.

Available in the following colors: Silver (888100), Blue (888130), Green (888177), Red (888110) and Purple ( 888120)

In the bag

  • 2 x Gorilla Front Mounts
  • 2 x Gorilla Rear Mounts
  • 2 x Spacers
  • 2 x Set Screws (for front)
  • 2 x Flat top screws (for rear)
  • 4 x Neodymium Magnets (Counter Sunk with Hole)
  • 2 x Rear Neodymium Magnets (Disc)
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