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Gorilla Mount Magnets for 1/10 RC Car

Gorilla Mount Magnets for 1/10 RC Car

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Enhance the holding power and versatility of your 1/10 RC car body with the Gorilla Mount Magnets. These magnets are designed to provide exceptional strength and reliability, ensuring a secure attachment for your RC car body during intense racing or off-road maneuvers.

Crafted with high-strength neodymium magnets, these Gorilla Mount Magnets deliver superior magnetic force, keeping your RC car body firmly in place. The set includes two front magnets with counter sunk holes and two rear magnets in a disc shape, offering a comprehensive solution for both the front and rear sections of your RC car.

For optimal performance, we recommend using 3M Automotive Grade Double Sided Tape (not included) to secure the Gorilla Mount Magnets in place. This tape provides a reliable adhesive bond, ensuring the magnets stay securely attached to your RC car.

Upgrade your RC car's body mounting system with the Gorilla Mount Magnets and experience enhanced stability and ease of use. With this set of four neodymium magnets, you can achieve a strong and reliable connection between your RC car body and chassis, allowing you to focus on the thrill of your RC adventures.

Note: The Gorilla Mount Magnets are designed specifically for 1/10 RC cars and come with the necessary front and rear magnets to complete the installation.

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