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FlatFace G8 Bearing 핑거보드 휠

FlatFace G8 Bearing 핑거보드 휠

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After over 16 years of making fingerboard wheels, FlatFace does it again with the latest improvement in fingerboard wheel performance: the FlatFace G8 bearing wheels are here!

Designed with performance in mind, these wheels have the optimal size ratio, weight, shape, and materials to help you fingerboard at your highest skill level with the most pop, control, and comfort.

These wheels combine the technology of our legendary, sleek street shape wheel with added height, slightly taller than a G4 but a little skinnier, too.

Enjoy the ultra smooth feeling of a brand new set of FlatFace G8 Bearing Wheels. Made with high precision machinery right here in the USA, designed by professional fingerboarder Mike Schneider.

Our proprietary wheel materials favor the highest trick performance, with a strong balance on both feeling and durability. These wheels are meant to bring out the best of your fingerboard ability, not get in the way by being too grippy, slippery, heavy, or anything else, and the dimensions are sure to accent your favorite setup with just the right amount of height for optimal pop.

Wheel Guide:

  • Special Edition T: The ORIGINAL FlatFace Wheel material used in our first wheels G1-G4 in the early 2000's. The T-material is one of a kind and famous for its totally unique feel! This is our softest wheel ever, but is not grippy like most soft wheels, so it does not reduce performance! These wheels have absolutely amazing feelings, you can really feel the texture of the materials you are fingerboarding on. A personal favorite of Mike Schneider's, and a huge nostalgic throwback for anyone who got the original FlatFace wheels back in the days, also a must-try for any new fingerboarder who wasn't able to try the T material in the past! Absolutely legendary, smooth in a different way than any other wheel you have ever felt!
  • Carbon Special: Super durable for outdoor use! The Carbon Special is a very unique blend of materials and a one of a kind wheel here at FlatFace! A dark carbon color, and much different than our standard black wheel. This material is one of the most durable in the world, and has a special mixture containing a small amount of our T material, in a much more durable formulation, plus a small amount of graphite which gives your obstacles and ultra realistic used-look! These wheels are ultra crisp, while maintaining our signature smoothness and just the right amount of gripiness for maximum performance and feeling.

    Do not use on surfaces that need to stay clean! For fingerboarding only! These wheels are resistant to cosmic levels of high heat, UV and High Energy Radiation... we are planning ahead, when space travel becomes possible, these are the wheels to bring on your setup to the moon and beyond.

  • Edition O: These wheels are made of FlatFace's most popular material, the ultra smooth white D-material. Great on all surfaces, very durable and versatile.
  • Edition D: These wheels are made of one of FlatFace's most popular materials, the ultra smooth black material. Great on all surfaces, very durable and versatile. Slightly softer than the white wheels.
  • Edition X: These wheels are made of FlatFace's most popular original colored materials, the ultra smooth and slightly softer A and X materials. Great on all surfaces, very durable and versatile.

Please Note: In regards to the T-material , as this is a softer material, these wheels benefit from a bit of extra care and it's best to avoid overly dusty or rough surfaces. When they attract particles over time, simply wipe them off with your fingers, or gently swirl the fingerboard on paper to clean them extra if needed.

Because this material is softer than all our other wheels, it's lifespan may be reduced and we can not offer replacements if they break. We are bringing these back for historical and collection purposes, and there is truly no other wheel like them! They should last a long time with regular use, but they do not carry the same guarantee as our other wheels due to the material. Single replacement wheels can be purchased if necessary.

Note: All FlatFace Bearing Wheels are "BRR Edition" (so we've dropped that part from the name, for simplicity) and are best designed to work on +blackriver+ trucks. They are also fully compatible with Dynamic Trucks, and nearly all other fingerboard trucks, too!

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