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FlatFace G15.12 33.6mm 핑거보드 컴플릿

FlatFace G15.12 33.6mm 핑거보드 컴플릿

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The FlatFace G15 complete kit features some of the finest products to get you started with a complete wooden fingerboard, bearing wheels, tape, and more professional parts. Each kit comes with a random FlatFace G15 deck made with 5 plies of real wood and random colors or exotic woods on the bottom. The wheels are FlatFace Blackriver edition bearing wheels, America's favorite bearing wheel compatible with every type of trucks.

Note: Some assembly required. Colors and designs are random.

Check out this tutorial on how to apply and cut your grip:

Also, each kit includes a set of FlatFace's popular teflon bushings, and Dump Trucks available in random colors such as yellow, red, gold, silver, and more!

By buying the complete, you are saving money compared to purchasing each part separately.

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