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Five Luck Fingerboards

Five Luck Fingerboards - Sacred Axes 핑거보드 데크

Five Luck Fingerboards - Sacred Axes 핑거보드 데크

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Unleash the intensity with the Five Luck Sacred Axes Fingerboard Deck! This deck is a fiery masterpiece, featuring a graphic that showcases a blazing axe firmly gripping the number 5, with skeletal bones jutting from the top. Along the bottom, "Five Luck" blazes in flames, adding a powerful and aggressive touch to the design, while scattered flames dance around the deck.

The story of Five Luck is a tale of dedication and craftsmanship. Professional deckmaker Burt Tunstall, the creative force behind Five Luck, embarked on this fingerboard journey back in 2015. His approach was unique, as he honed hundreds of boards before ever considering selling one. Life took a twist, leading Burt to rely on his work as his sole source of income. This unexpected turn of events set the stage for something extraordinary.

Burt's commitment to perfection culminated in the creation of the renowned Five Luck molds. The Fu mold, designed in 2016, boasts mid kick angles and the standard 5 concave, with decks cut to 96mm length. The Bisco mold, introduced in 2017, features lower identical kicks and the standard 5 concave.

Living in the remote wilderness of North Central Canada since 2017, Burt faces some of the harshest climate conditions globally. Notably, he became the world's only off-grid deckmaker during a period when electrical service was disrupted to his modest 300sq/ft cabin between 2018 and 2019.

The Five Luck legacy is a testament to unwavering craftsmanship and unparalleled quality. Burt stands out as a fingerboarder and deckmaker, remaining true to his passion rather than becoming just another 'company'. This distinction is palpable in every deck he crafts, appreciated by fingerboarders worldwide who rely on his shapes every day.

The Five Luck story is a rare gem in the fingerboarding world. When you choose Five Luck, you support not just a remarkable deckmaker but also one of the most genuine and sincere individuals in the scene. Your choice directly impacts the quality of Burt's life.

In a fingerboarding world filled with countless "companies," there's only one Five Luck. Choose bold, choose quality, and choose to be a part of the Five Luck story. 🛹 #FiveLuck #FingerboardDeck #Craftsmanship

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