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Rhino Racing

Factory Assembled Final Form - IFS 1/10 Premium Drift Car

Factory Assembled Final Form - IFS 1/10 Premium Drift Car

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This is a complete Rhino Racing Shark upgrade kit.

In the box

1 x Hydra IFS for DDSS
1 x Front Knuckles Set
1 x Suspension Mount Kit
1 x Rear Uprights Set
1 x Rear H Part (Fixed Mount)
2 x Lower Arms
2 x Upper Arms

Available in Red, Purple or Black

Please note: The actual Shark chassis is sold separately, this is a set of arms and knuckles compliment to your Shark.

Hydra Shark IFS – Inboard Front Suspension

The Hydra Inboard Front Suspension transform your DDSS to it's final form. You can easily adjust your chassis height without adjusting your preload. IFS mounted shocks also allow for better body clearance.

Rear Suspension Kit

The Shark rear suspension kit upgrades your Shark to it's final form. Features Active Toe and Static fixed setup. The RR lower arms feature an unique SPRING LOADED shim setup. The springs will eliminate suspension play without the use of additional shims. Just set your wheelbase and let the spring hold the arm in it's place. The rear arms also utilizes bearing precision and smoothness on the suspension pin. The lower arm also uses a set screw to adjust the track width.

Suspension Mount Kit

The suspension block set gives your rear suspension the pickup points needed for an active and non active toe setup on the rear uprights.

Front Knuckles Set

Features ideal geometry to pair with the RR lower and upper arms. Giving you premium steering utilizing the DDSS system. Slim design allows for maximum clearance.

Upper Arm Set

These upper arms utilizes bearings on the pins for a more free moving and precision setup. A quick adjustment of the set screw lets you match the marks and adjust the track width.

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