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FlatFace "Blackriver Edition" Dual Durometer 핑거보드 휠

FlatFace "Blackriver Edition" Dual Durometer 핑거보드 휠

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The latest in fingerboard wheel technology, FlatFace brings you a realistic two colored bearing wheel made with two materials with two different hardnesses in one wheel for a unique density and feeling.

The Dual Durometer wheels have a slightly wider surface area than our standard wheels and are great for any style! Excellent for wide boards, old schools, and anything regular too.

Designed for blackriver trucks, also compatible with any other trucks such as Dump Trucks, Bollie Trucks, and more!

Wheel Guide

The Oak and Black combination gives a unique feeling, and is the softest, grippiest dual durometer wheel. The FlatFace core and bearing makes it feel a lot like a FlatFace wheel, while the Oak urethane material on the outside gives it that grippy feeling from oak wheels.

The White inside and Black outside combination gives a unique feeling, slightly softer like our black wheels.

Note: All FlatFace Bearing Wheels are "BRR Edition" (so we've dropped that part from the name, for simplicity) and are best designed to work on +blackriver+ trucks. They are also fully compatible with Dynamic Trucks, and nearly all other fingerboard trucks, too!

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