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Deli Decks

Deli Decks - "Hippie Multi" 핑거보드 데크

Deli Decks - "Hippie Multi" 핑거보드 데크

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Discover the Deli Deck Fingerboard Deck – Engineered with Fingerboarders in Mind.

Constructed from premium polycarbonate, the Deli Deck Fingerboard Deck redefines the benchmarks of durability and performance within the fingerboarding realm. With precise dimensions of 33mm x 96mm, and a genuine-wear graphic, this deck stands ready to tackle your most ambitious tricks.

Unleash your full potential with our innovative shape, painstakingly designed to enhance your flicks and flips. The mid/high concave and mid/high kicks provide the responsive feel necessary to execute intricate maneuvers with unwavering confidence.

Included within the package is more than just a deck – a holographic logo sticker adds a personalized flair to your gear, while a sheet of fingerboard tape guarantees optimal grip for every session.

Meticulously crafted from the same polymer utilized in bulletproof glass, the Deli Deck Fingerboard Deck promises unmatched durability, positioning it as the ultimate partner for both indoor practice and street-level challenges.

Elevate your fingerboarding prowess with the Deli Deck Fingerboard Deck – Precision, Endurance, Performance. Your journey towards fingerboarding mastery commences right here.

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