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BLCNYLTD - "QP" BLCNY x Fatty's World

BLCNYLTD - "QP" BLCNY x Fatty's World

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Introducing the BLCNY x Fatty's World Quarter Pound (QP) aka "Nugs" fingerboard deck, a collaborative masterpiece that celebrates the fusion of urban culture and fingerboarding. Crafted from AAA grade Canadian Maple, this deck offers exceptional durability and performance for riders of all skill levels. The Real Wear graphic showcases the unique aesthetic of Fatty's World, featuring bold designs and vibrant colors that capture the essence of street art. Each deck comes complete with The Secret Tape, foam grip, and stickers, ensuring a convenient setup process. Whether you're hitting the streets or perfecting your tricks at the park, the BLCNY x Fatty's World Quarter Pound deck delivers unmatched style and versatility.

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