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Blackriver "Joaquim Mendez" 2022 Pro 핑거보드 컴플릿 세트 (선주문)

Blackriver "Joaquim Mendez" 2022 Pro 핑거보드 컴플릿 세트 (선주문)

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Introducing the official Pro Model of Blackriver's own Joaquim Guigo Mendez, a celebrated rider and artist in the world of fingerboarding. This complete set is a testament to his unique creativity and passion for the sport.

The deck featured in this set is a wooden masterpiece, handcrafted with precision at our headquarters in Germany. Joaquim's graphic, inspired by his very own series of paintings titled "Paciencia," adorns the deck, adding an artistic touch to your fingerboarding experience.

Included in this exceptional set are high-quality Blackriver Trucks 3.0, designed to provide you with superior control and responsiveness. Paired with professional Blackriver "Blank Street" wheels, your fingerboard will glide smoothly and execute tricks with finesse.

But that's not all; we've also included the Blackriver fingerboard tool to ensure you have everything you need to maintain and customize your setup. If you ever need assistance in choosing the perfect setup, be sure to consult the Blackriver Shop product guide.

Experience the fusion of art and fingerboarding expertise with the Joaquim Guigo Mendez Pro Fingerboard Complete Set by Blackriver. Elevate your skills, showcase your style, and pay homage to the artistic spirit that thrives in the fingerboard community. 🛹🎨 #Blackriver #FingerboardComplete #ProModel

If you have any further details or specific adjustments in mind, please feel free to let me know!

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