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Berlinwood "Mendez 2019" Pro 핑거보드 컴플릿 세트 (선주문)

Berlinwood "Mendez 2019" Pro 핑거보드 컴플릿 세트 (선주문)

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Unleash your fingerboarding potential with the Berlinwood "Mendez Pro 2019" Complete Set, a tribute to the incredible talents of pro fingerboarder Joaquin Méndez.

This comprehensive fingerboard package includes a BerlinWood deck featuring Joaquin's distinctive graphic design, crafted with precision and care in Germany. It's a deck tailored to meet the unique demands of fingerboarders, just like Joaquin himself, who is celebrated for his innovation and skill in the fingerboarding scene.

Choose your preferred deck shape from BerlinWood's versatile range, and enjoy the exceptional 33.3mm width paired with high-quality 34mm Blackriver Trucks. These trucks are renowned for their reliability, providing you with unmatched control and stability during your fingerboarding adventures.

BerlinWood, a brand deeply rooted in the fingerboarding community, shares Joaquin Méndez's commitment to scene reinvestment and delivering outstanding cost-to-performance value. This complete set features Blackriver 3.0 trucks, ensuring you experience the very best in fingerboarding.

Please note that the 33.3mm wide complete boards come paired with 34mm Blackriver 3.0 Trucks.

Rest assured, your order will be promptly and securely shipped, placing you among those who demand nothing but the best for their fingerboarding experiences.

Discover the artistry and precision of the Berlinwood "Mendez Pro 2019" Complete Set, inspired by the fingerboarding prowess of Joaquin Méndez himself. 🛹🌟 #BerlinWood #FingerboardComplete #ProModel

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