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Berlinwood "EnVoyage - Huntress" Pro 핑거보드 컴플릿 세트 (선주문)

Berlinwood "EnVoyage - Huntress" Pro 핑거보드 컴플릿 세트 (선주문)

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Embark on a fingerboarding journey with the BerlinWood "EnVoyage - Huntress" Complete Set, designed for those who crave adventure and style.

This exceptional BerlinWood fingerboard deck is adorned with the captivating "Huntress" graphic, a tribute to those who fearlessly chase their dreams. Crafted with precision and care in Germany, it embodies the spirit of exploration and determination. The deck's unique design is perfect for riders who appreciate both aesthetics and performance.

The EnVoyage - Huntress Complete Set comes equipped with high-quality Blackriver trucks, ensuring superior control and stability during your fingerboarding adventures. These trucks are the perfect match for the BerlinWood deck, offering a top-notch riding experience.

Join the ranks of fingerboarders who demand the best and elevate your skills with this remarkable set. Experience the thrill of fingerboarding with the BerlinWood "EnVoyage - Huntress" Complete Set and add a touch of adventure to your sessions. 🛹🏹 #BerlinWood #EnVoyage #HuntressComplete #FingerboardAdventure

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