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Berlinwood "BR New Skull" 핑거보드 컴플릿 세트 (선주문)

Berlinwood "BR New Skull" 핑거보드 컴플릿 세트 (선주문)

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Introducing the BR New Skull Complete Set, a true marvel designed to cater to the needs of fingerboarders, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your journey. This comprehensive fingerboard set comes complete with a top-tier wooden deck from BR, beautifully adorned with the striking "New Skull" graphic. To ensure you're ready to roll right out of the box, we've included a piece of Riptape.

You're given the freedom to select your preferred deck shape from a diverse range of options offered by BR. These 33.3mm wide complete boards are thoughtfully paired with 34mm Blackriver Trucks, known for their exceptional quality and performance.

Handcrafted with unwavering precision in Germany, this set is tailored to meet the distinct needs of fingerboarders. As a brand deeply ingrained in the fingerboarding scene, BR is committed to reinvesting in the community and delivering an outstanding cost-to-performance ratio. This set features the coveted Blackriver 3.0 trucks, ensuring unrivaled control and stability.

Please note that the 33.3mm wide complete boards are accompanied by 34mm Blackriver 3.0 Trucks.

Rest assured, your order will be swiftly and securely shipped, placing you among those who demand nothing but the finest for their fingerboarding adventures.

Embark on a fingerboarding journey like no other with the BR New Skull Complete Set! 🛹💀 #Blackriver #FingerboardComplete #PrecisionCraftsmanship

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