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Piro Wheels

Piro Wheels - Black & White

Piro Wheels - Black & White

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Discover the exceptional Piro Wheels, available in two distinct variants: Performance and Bowl Mini. These wheels are crafted to enhance your skating experience with precision and durability. Whether you're perfecting technical tricks or cruising the streets, Piro Wheels are designed to meet your needs.


  • Locked Single Bearing Design: Ensures a secure and smooth ride.
  • Durable 65D Urethane: Provides the perfect balance of grip and squeak for optimal performance.
  • ABEC 9 Bearings: Offers fluid smoothness and speedy fast performance.
  • Each Package Includes: 2 x Piro Stickers.


Bowl Mini:

  • Shape: Bowl Shape – 7mm x 5.25mm.
  • Description: The mid-sized Bowl Mini wheel combines the technical advantages of a shorter wheel with a wide riding area, offering the best of both worlds.

Performance Wheel:

  • Shape: Street Shape – 8mm x 4.75mm.
  • Description: The ideal all-around wheel, the Performance Wheel features a duo conical shape that excels in transitions and flat ground technical tricks.
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