Collection: Introducing the Spark + Raviollie Collaboration Collection

Step into the realm of fingerboard artistry with the Spark + Raviollie Collaboration Collection. This extraordinary collection brings together the imaginative world of Spark Fingerboards and the whimsical creativity of Raviollie. Explore a range of fingerboard decks, each available in different widths and mold shapes, to suit your unique fingerboarding style.

Crafted with precision and infused with Raviollie's enchantment, these decks offer more than just a platform for tricks. With each deck, you'll receive grip tape for enhanced control, a sticker pack featuring Raviollie's surreal artwork, and a hand-illustrated and book written by Raviollie himself, adding a touch of magic to your fingerboarding journey.

Join our community of fingerboard enthusiasts who celebrate spontaneity, creativity, and the joy of embracing the absurd. Elevate your fingerboarding experience with the Spark + Raviollie Collaboration Collection and let your imagination run wild.