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Yee Concrete

Yee Concrete - Porket Dia (Small)

Yee Concrete - Porket Dia (Small)

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The Yee Concrete - Porket Dia (Small) is a compact and durable fingerboard obstacle that brings the excitement of street skateboarding to your fingerboarding sessions. Inspired by the iconic Blackriver Ramps Polebank , this smaller version offers a unique twist. Crafted from high-quality concrete, it ensures long-lasting performance and authenticity.

The Porket Dia (Small) features a smooth and polished surface, providing an ideal base for executing tricks and grinds with precision. Its compact size makes it perfect for practicing tight and technical maneuvers, allowing you to improve your fingerboarding skills in tight spaces.

While it doesn't include a rail like its larger counterpart, the Porket Dia (Small) offers a different challenge, focusing on banked surfaces and creating endless possibilities for creative lines and combinations. Whether you're an experienced fingerboarder or just starting out, this mini concrete obstacle is a must-have addition to your fingerboarding setup.

Experience the thrill of skateboarding right at your fingertips with the Yee Concrete - Porket Dia (Small). Get ready to push your fingerboarding skills to new heights and unlock endless potential for tricks, grinds, and stylish lines on this compact and versatile fingerboard obstacle.

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