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Rhino Racing

Rhino Racing Shark Upper Aluminum Arm Set

Rhino Racing Shark Upper Aluminum Arm Set

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Introducing the Rhino Racing Shark Upper Aluminum Arm Set, available in Red, Purple, and Black variants (RR-1200R, RR-1200P, RR-1200B). These upper arms are designed to enhance the performance and precision of your RC vehicle.

Equipped with high-quality bearings on the pins, these upper arms ensure smooth and unrestricted movement, allowing for a more precise setup. The inclusion of bearings promotes free and efficient rotation, enhancing the overall handling and control of your RC vehicle.

With a convenient set screw adjustment, you can easily match the marks and fine-tune the track width to suit your specific requirements. Achieve optimal performance by customizing the track width to match the desired handling characteristics of your RC vehicle.

The Rhino Racing Shark Upper Aluminum Arm Set features a special insert that allows for a tighter arm adjustment, offering an even more precise feel without compromising the smooth and buttery movement provided by the bearing/arm combination. This ensures a balance between precision and fluid operation, resulting in exceptional performance on the track.

Included in the set are special spacers that enable quick and effortless forward and backward movement of the arm, facilitating easy caster adjustment. This feature allows you to fine-tune the caster angle to achieve the desired steering response and stability.

Crafted from hardened tooling steel alloy, the link components of the Rhino Racing Shark Upper Aluminum Arm Set exhibit exceptional strength and durability. The hardened steel construction ensures long-lasting performance, with markings provided for ease of adjustment.

The Rhino Racing Shark Upper Aluminum Arm Set includes two upper arms, two hardened steel links with markings, a 5-piece spacer variety set, two hardened long screws, two nuts for long screws, two M3 set screws, and four bearings. This comprehensive package equips you with all the necessary components to upgrade your RC vehicle's upper arms for enhanced performance and adjustability.

Experience improved precision and durability with the Rhino Racing Shark Upper Aluminum Arm Set. Upgrade your RC vehicle's upper arms and unlock greater control and handling on the track.

* Actual Shark chassis is sold separately, this is a set of arms

In the bag

  • 2 x Upper Arms
  • 2 x Hardened Steel Links (with markings)
  • 2 x 5pc Spacer Variety Set
  • 2 x Hardened Long Screws
  • 2 x Nut for Long Screw
  • 2 x M3 Set Screws
  • 4x Bearings
  • 2 x Bearing Inserts
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