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FlatFace G15 Almost Two Tone 핑거보드 데크 - 32mm (One Per Person Limit)

FlatFace G15 Almost Two Tone 핑거보드 데크 - 32mm (One Per Person Limit)

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The *Almost Two Tone* Series features the two-tone wood you all know and love! This is some of the most beautiful and best performing wood there is. Amazing pop and longevity. These decks are not in the two-tone category because they aren't split half and half down the center, and will have various natural wood grain designs like the ones you see in the photo.


New in the G15 decks

  • Shorter board for ease of use
  • Better truck placement for more pop
  • Newly shaped nose and tail
  • 33.6mm wide
  • Same comfortable concave

FlatFace Decks are the product of over ten years of deck making by professional fingerboarder Mike Schneider. Numerous shapes, materials, and production methods have been tested over the years to produce the best performing fingerboard possible.

The latest generation is the G15 deck, which is based off the super popular G14 shape and improved even more. The design has been changed for a slightly longer wheelbase and shorter kicks giving you more pop, control, and better feeling. They have medium concave and are designed with performance in mind.

The G15 shape is updated to 33.68mm wide for a comfortably wide controlled feeling. The nose and tail are now shaped more realistically, up to date with the latest standards. The nose is slightly higher than the tail exactly like a real skateboard, this helps performance as your front finger slides up the deck and scoops it up for ollies, flip tricks, etc. as it catches the nose. The entire deck is made of carefully selected, rock solid woods. Colored plies are vibrantly dyed all the way through for a crisp look and every ply selection is carefully selected for proper weight. Holes are machine drilled with extreme precision, so trucks fit perfectly every time in the exact right spot for optimum performance. Each deck is lacquered with a special method, solidifying the wood and adding pop and durability as well as a vibrant shine.

Note: You are paying for one deck, the pictures display multiple decks to show variety. Each deck has random plies.

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