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Dynamic FB

Dynamic 다이나믹 트럭 - White Hanger - 34mm

Dynamic 다이나믹 트럭 - White Hanger - 34mm

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Introducing the new and improved Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks. Your setup will look and feel professional after upgrading to Dynamic Trucks! Features include: 34mm width, single axle, lock nuts, screw kingpin, and a precision pre-threaded baseplate for easy mounting. Dynamic fingerboard trucks feature a sleek design combine with top notch performance. Assembled and designed in the USA.

Each set includes: 2 white powder coated hangers, 2 white baseplates, 8 mounting screws, 4 lock nuts, 2 locking kingpins, 2 pivot cups, 1 bushing set pre-assembled, and 1 fingerboard tool.

Designed for single bearing wheels. Please see the FAQ for a full list of supported brands.

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