Shmaplex Global Protocol User Guide

Welcome to the Shmaplex Global Protocol User Guide, where we demystify the world of NFTs for our Leisure Gang! Get ready to embark on a digital adventure with exclusive perks and a touch of Shmaplex magic.


Understanding NFTs 

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital collectibles exclusively yours. But your Shmaplex NFT is more than a collectible – it's your key to VIP perks. Enjoy early access to collaborations, members-only deals, and exclusive discounts on – the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.


Getting Started 

To dive into the chain ⛓️, you'll need a digital wallet. We recommend Metamask, available at This browser extension lets you send and receive digital currencies and holds your Shmaplex Protocol tokens, including the latest December collab token.

⚠️ NOTE: Your wallet address (e.g., 0x66eXD91...) is public and safe to share. However, keep your secret address private to safeguard your loot.

☠️ WARNING: Never share your secret address; it could compromise your wallet security.

Next Steps

Once you've got your wallet, transfer some digital currency into it. Numerous digital exchanges can help – check Google, Naver, or your preferred search engine for options.

With digital Benjamins in your wallet, it's time to mint your Shmaplex Protocol NFT! While the NFT is typically free, you'll need to cover some fees for the transfer – think of them as bank transaction fees.

Claiming Your NFT

    Head to the claim page (e.g., December NFT Drop), click "Claim Now," enter your claim code (sent with your purchase), and confirm the transaction through your wallet (approximately ~$25).


    The Shmaplex Protocol NFT is now yours. Showcase it, impress your friends, and unlock exclusive future products and deals on


    When's the Next Drop?

    We prefer spontaneity over roadmaps, but fear not – we'll keep you in the loop through social media. Follow us on Instagram @shma.plex for the latest updates.

    Get ready for a new era of leisure with Shmaplex – where digital meets extraordinary! 🚀 #ShmaplexProtocol #NFTGuide #DigitalAdventure